Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to get rid of roaches for good

Psst... So I heard you have a roach problem eh? Guess what? You aren't alone! I had a roach problem last month. 

So here's my story. On June 2nd 2016 my husband , 2 year old son and I moved down south to Georgia. My dad found himself a better house and we took the responsibility of renting this house. I have only been in this house once and didn't notice the roaches. Well i did but it was winter here when i came to visit. I guess roaches don't like to be indoors in the winter time? Anyways so we got here and stayed with my dad for a few days until we painted and prepped the house. Immediately i noticed the roach infestation. As soon as you opened the front door you can smell them! I immediately set off some raid bombs. My husband set off at least 12 of them. Thinking that they were gone we got our things from the storage the next day. We opened a few boxes to get some essentials and headed back to my dads house for the night leaving or prized possessions there. When we came back the next morning to continue unpacking i thought to myself "wow the roaches are gone" WRONG!!! They were very comfortably nesting in our open boxes in our clothes and in our dresser! I was so pissed off that i went back to home depot to buy more bombs. We did the process again that day and came back the next day. All seemed well so far until the night rolled by and all the roaches came out to play. The only reason why i stayed in this house that night was because for some reason they weren't in our bedroom. I was safe as long as i didn't leave the room at night. 

After doing extensive research that night i decided to caulk up every single space i can think of that roaches might like to hide in. Here are a few pictures of the things I caulked. I think it is important to block off any entry they might have to your house this includes weather stripping the doors as well. 

Before and after

Things like this have to be fixed because they might live underneath there too. 

I'm not sure what the heck happened here but i did patch this up before i painted my bathroom. I'm sure roaches lived there too

This seemed to work a lot but i still saw them all over the damn place so i ordered this bait that got over 6,000 4-5 star reviews. This product is called Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait .

You get 1 box with 4 tubes. Like me you are probably thinking "that's expensive!" but its worth every single cent! So they idea is that you use the syringe and apply small little pea sized dots any where and everywhere you suspect they come in and out from. The key is to find roach feces. Yes i know it sounds nasty but if you can find yourself a trail of it then you have found a roach nest. Dab some bait on there. This stuff kills them over night and the ones that don't die over night will go back to their nest and die there while the others eat the dead roaches. Once they eat a dead roach the bait will be passed on to the others and slowly kill them off. 

This was covered in roach feces so i cleaned it real good with diluted bleach. I caulked all around it and painted

You want to make sure your doors are weather stripped because the picture below allowed a big water bug to walk in my living room 

So after i baited my entire house i saw less and less roaches everyday. I purchased the advion bait June 12 2016 and it hasn't been a whole month yet and i haven't seen any roaches in a little over a week. This product is amazing! Out of the 4 tubes i still have 1 tube left so i'll save it in case i need it again. If my roach problem comes back i will definitely order advion bait again. oh make sure you get door hinges too. roaches LOVE it there :)