Sunday, February 3, 2013

Organizing your tools with Sterilite Drawers

i purchased 6 3drawers sterilite storage thingies from Walmart. What i love about them is that they are stack-able. For my tools i stacked 4. These drawers measure 8.5x7x6 inches.

My tools were kept in what i called the "Box of Horrors". I called it that because it was absolutely horrible trying to find anything in this stupid draw. Believe or not this draw worked better than any other system I came up with! However, I would still get hurt trying to find certain nails and screws. 

So here's the notorious "Box of Horrors"... (The box is photogenic lol)

Now i dump everything in it on the floor...

I purchased these tiny containers 6 for $1 at the dollar store and boy did they come in handy! 

Next I taped some cart board in it to create some dividers and also to prevent the tiny containers from moving around too much. 

Now the fun part... figuring out where to put everything! I got one draw with drill bits and Allen keys, one for screws, nails, washers and nuts, one for only sockets of all sizes and the last for misc stuff like dresser parts car screws etc.