Monday, July 11, 2016

Different types of Rumparooz Cloth Diapers by KangaCare

I've had a lot of friends ask me about Rumparooz cloth diapers. I have tried and still use the ones I purchased on my 2 year old. I buy a few diapers from different brands to see which one suits my son the best. They have all actually treated his little butt wonderfully! Today I would like to blog about Rumparooz diapers and the types they offer.

1. One Size Cloth Pocket Diapers

These diapers have varies snaps on the front which allow you to adjust them for newborns to toddlers. These diapers are now designed with a patent leak protection technology with dual gussets. These diapers come with a Microfiber 6r soaker that has 6 sizes and absorbency settings. Pretty cool huh?

These diapers come in many colors and patterns. 

Solid Colors

Root Bear


Dragon Fly
I (heart) RAR
Eco Owl

2. Lil Joey Newborn Cloth Pocket Diaper
 This style diaper are designed for newborns weighing 4-12 lbs. These diapers are limited edition while supplies last. Like the OS pocket diapers these also feature the dual gusset and patent leak protection. Unlike the OS pocket diaper these newborn diaper are easier to use because they have a 4 layer thirsty microfiber insert already sewed into the diaper. 

Prints available

There is another pattern available for these Lil Joey that are not part of the limited edition. 


3. Cloth diaper Cover

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Why I Cloth Diaper my baby. pros and cons on cloth diapers

When i had my son Seth in 2014 i was using disposable diapers. When they are so little the pack of diapers brings A LOT! After the 1st year he started using size 5 and every month i was spending $40+ on disposable diapers and another $20+ on over night diapers. This was really breaking my pockets. After a couple of months I researched on saving money on diapers. I stumbled across a cloth diaper blog and I absolutely loved the idea about them!

My son has now been cloth diapered for a year and I can't complain. I've had a yea experience so I can tell you my pros and cons about them. 


1. You need to most likely touch baby poo but you can always wear gloves :)
2. Extra laundry
3. Laundry service can be quite expensive starting at $20 a week
4. Extra water, electricity a detergent to wash them
5. Very expensive upfront 

Now these 5 cons are enough to scare anybody away but there is a solution for them all except the extra laundry con. 
If you wear gloves then your bare hands will never come in contact with poo. When your baby poos you can easily knock it into the toilet. There is a really cool sprayer designed JUST for this purpose of rinsing those poopy diapers before you throw them into your laundry bag. You can see the sprayer by clicking here. This sprayer comes with all the attachments needed. You can also buy a shield for it which prevents splashes. You can see the shield by clicking here . 

If you don't mind doing your own laundry then you will save a lot on the laundry services.

If you want to save on water and electricity then i recommend you buy enough cloth diapers to last you a month. This way you only need to do one or 2 full size loads depending on how big or small your machine is. When I first started I hand washed all his cloth diapers for months. I then purchased a Laundry Pod to help my aching fingers. Want to see me in action? You can watch my video here on how i wash my cloth diapers using my laundry pod . I no longer use the laundry pod because i was lucky to get a washer as a gift from my mom :) People now and days are really into ecofriendly products and many make their own soap wayyyy cheaper than the store bought brands. I buy my laundry soap from EcoLifeNatural at $3.50 for 32 loads!

Yes they are so expensive at first! My very first cloth diapers where Real Nappies USA and some extra covers Real Nappies USA Covers along with some snaps from Snappi cloth diaper fasteners . I also purchased some from Rumparooz style 1 and rumparooz style 2 . If you have the money to buy these brands then awesome! I on the other hand couldn't afford a months supplies of these diapers so i purchased all of my cloth diaper covers and pocket diapers from LoveBabies by EcoLifeNatural. She sells all her pocket diapers and cloth diaper covers for 5.99 without inserts plus you get free shipping on all orders over $30. I sew my own inserts so i buy plenty of her diapers. 

Why should you switch to cloth diapers?

1. Disposable diapers get tossed into a huge landfill where diapers are sitting there for decades. For the 1st year a baby will use anywhere between 3,000 - 4,000 diapers! That's about $1,000 a year in just diapers. With $500 of upfront cost of cloth diapers you can use them for years and pass them on to your other babies. 

2. Cloth diapers are 100% natural. The only thing on your babies bottom is real fabric. Disposable diapers are not natural in any way shape or form. They have toxins in them that very rarely cause toxic shock syndrome. Not something i want to risk. 

3. Cloth diapers are just so dang cute! Here i'll show you some 

Aren't those just adorable? I have most of these but intend on buying much more by next month. Check them out here OS Double Gusset Cloth Diapers

So what do you say to cloth diapers yay or nay?

How to get rid of roaches for good

Psst... So I heard you have a roach problem eh? Guess what? You aren't alone! I had a roach problem last month. 

So here's my story. On June 2nd 2016 my husband , 2 year old son and I moved down south to Georgia. My dad found himself a better house and we took the responsibility of renting this house. I have only been in this house once and didn't notice the roaches. Well i did but it was winter here when i came to visit. I guess roaches don't like to be indoors in the winter time? Anyways so we got here and stayed with my dad for a few days until we painted and prepped the house. Immediately i noticed the roach infestation. As soon as you opened the front door you can smell them! I immediately set off some raid bombs. My husband set off at least 12 of them. Thinking that they were gone we got our things from the storage the next day. We opened a few boxes to get some essentials and headed back to my dads house for the night leaving or prized possessions there. When we came back the next morning to continue unpacking i thought to myself "wow the roaches are gone" WRONG!!! They were very comfortably nesting in our open boxes in our clothes and in our dresser! I was so pissed off that i went back to home depot to buy more bombs. We did the process again that day and came back the next day. All seemed well so far until the night rolled by and all the roaches came out to play. The only reason why i stayed in this house that night was because for some reason they weren't in our bedroom. I was safe as long as i didn't leave the room at night. 

After doing extensive research that night i decided to caulk up every single space i can think of that roaches might like to hide in. Here are a few pictures of the things I caulked. I think it is important to block off any entry they might have to your house this includes weather stripping the doors as well. 

Before and after

Things like this have to be fixed because they might live underneath there too. 

I'm not sure what the heck happened here but i did patch this up before i painted my bathroom. I'm sure roaches lived there too

This seemed to work a lot but i still saw them all over the damn place so i ordered this bait that got over 6,000 4-5 star reviews. This product is called Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait .

You get 1 box with 4 tubes. Like me you are probably thinking "that's expensive!" but its worth every single cent! So they idea is that you use the syringe and apply small little pea sized dots any where and everywhere you suspect they come in and out from. The key is to find roach feces. Yes i know it sounds nasty but if you can find yourself a trail of it then you have found a roach nest. Dab some bait on there. This stuff kills them over night and the ones that don't die over night will go back to their nest and die there while the others eat the dead roaches. Once they eat a dead roach the bait will be passed on to the others and slowly kill them off. 

This was covered in roach feces so i cleaned it real good with diluted bleach. I caulked all around it and painted

You want to make sure your doors are weather stripped because the picture below allowed a big water bug to walk in my living room 

So after i baited my entire house i saw less and less roaches everyday. I purchased the advion bait June 12 2016 and it hasn't been a whole month yet and i haven't seen any roaches in a little over a week. This product is amazing! Out of the 4 tubes i still have 1 tube left so i'll save it in case i need it again. If my roach problem comes back i will definitely order advion bait again. oh make sure you get door hinges too. roaches LOVE it there :)  

Cheap Essential Oil Diffuser that WORKS! Detailed Pictures added with links

Hello all! Today I want to share with you all my experience with this great Essential Oil Diffuser i have purchased. I was looking around and saw so many Diffusers but at a super high price. I was getting discouraged and overwhelmed by it all!

If you are looking for something small that will run for a few hours at night then this Essential Oil Diffuser is right for you. Not only is it cheap but it works great. I paid $14.99 and got free shipping because i purchased other non related items to qualify for the free shipping.

Lets un-box this little guy so you can see it for yourself!

1st let take a look at the box


Everything out of the box

So here is everything that you get
1. Diffuser
2. Adapter
3. Measuring Cup
4. Instruction manual

These pictures are of the top of the diffuser. To open it you just twist the cap off

The inner cap comes off for easy cleaning

This is the inner cap

This is how the top of the cap looks once the smaller part is inside

Setting up your new diffuser

1.Plug in the adapter to the bottom of the diffuser
2. Using you measuring cup add 100 ml of cold water
3. There is a "Max Line" on the diffuser so make sure you don't go past that line
4. Add a few drops of you favorite essential oils. I get my oils from here at a great price. I use disposable pipettes i buy 50 of them for only$1.50 with free shipping Buy disposable pipettes here

Now for the fun part! Seeing this little guy in action

1. Put the top back on the diffuser 
2. Press the "Mist" button. When you 1st press it you will see a green light. If you press it again the light will turn red. Now when the diffuser is set on the green light mist will come out for 30 seconds then it will shut off for 1 minute. It will repeat this process until the reservoir is empty. When the red light is on you will get continuous mist but this wont last many hours. with red the mist will probably go on for almost 3 hours. With green you will get mist for about 6 hours. 

Look at all that mist!

When you press the "Light" button you can choose what color you want your diffuser to be. When you press it the first time it changes colors every couple of seconds. After that you press it until you get the color desired. 14 color settings. 7 colors with 2 shades of that same color

Here is a video of the color changes

In conclusion this is perfect for a 1 bedroom. I use it in my 2 year old room with lavender oil. You can get oils from here

Monday, December 7, 2015

How i wash cloth diapers using the Laundry Pod

     When I first started cloth diapering i started feeling overwhelmed by having to wash all these cloths by hand! At first I didn't mind but after the 3rd or 4th month of having to wash them weekly I started feeling the strain in my hands. One day i was browsing pintrest when i came across a pin showing the Laundry Pod and it read "Portable washing machine for small spaces". I eagerly opened the page and i was excited about this Laundry Pod. For weeks i obsessed on it. I looked at pictures and watched videos all over the web. A month later i was able to save money to buy it. The original price was for $100 plus shipping but i was able to find it on Ebay for $80 with shipping included. 
     So when you look at the Laundry Pod it resembles a giant salad spinner. It has a little handle on top that is used to spin your clothes. Many videos can be found on Youtube on how it works. 

     I created this video with pictures and text on how I use my Laundry Pod to wash my cloth diapers and other baby items. Enjoy!